Verdant Temple: Award Winning Temple University Landscape Master Plan

April 11, 2016

VERDANT TEMPLE: Temple University Landscape Master Plan wins ASLA Honor Award

VERDANT TEMPLE: Temple University Landscape Master Plan has won an Honor Award in the Analysis and Planning category from the American Society of Landscape Architects PA/DE Chapter.

VERDANT TEMPLE is the first Landscape Master Plan for Temple University’s main campus in north Philadelphia. The master plan establishes a strong vision for the campus landscape environment, increases aesthetic appeal and functionality, integrates new landscape and capital projects within the existing campus fabric, and guides and informs future campus development. Detailed strategies for improvements to the campus landscape, and a prioritized action plan guide implementation for developing a cohesive landscape.

The master plan is comprised of four key components: a landscape plan that includes lighting, furnishings and planting; a circulation and transportation plan; a stormwater management plan; and a signage and wayfinding plan. Phase l of the Landscape Master Plan, the redesign of Liacouras Walk between Montgomery Avenue and Polett Walk has already been completed.

Congratulations go out to all members of the design and consultant team.