January 18, 2024

Please join us in congratulating Tom Mahone on his promotion to Associate at Ground Reconsidered.

Tom has been with Ground Reconsidered for nearly five years, and at this point, we don’t know how we could go on without the sweet treats he creates and shares with us! Tom is a talented designer who is always asking questions to further his understanding of site and context. He loves to uncover historical narratives hidden in the landscape to create a sense of place that reaches through time. He’s currently exploring the rich history of Bethel Burying Ground Memorial, which will celebrate a historically significant cemetery forgotten for nearly a century. Tom is also passionate about designing spaces that foster positive connections between people and Nature. It’s something that he considers in every project, but for William Penn Charter Lower School it was a driving focus even down to the fine details.

Tom gives credit to the small towns and rolling Piedmont landscape in South Central PA, where he grew up, that influenced his choice to become a landscape architect. He currently resides in Media with his wife and cat and loves spending time outdoors gardening, hiking, and fishing. He also enjoys playing music, cooking, and spending time with his family.

Congratulations, Tom!

January 11, 2024

Please join us in congratulating Lindsay High Stanislaw, ASLA, on her promotion to Senior Associate at Ground Reconsidered

Lindsay celebrates her 15th year at the firm this year. Her work spans a wide array of project types, but Lindsay holds a special place for roof top and amenity deck design; noting that environmental benefits are motivating factors, but ultimately, she hopes each one invites people to spend more time outside. The FMC Tower amenity deck, along with recently completed rooftop spaces at The Ryland and Schuylkill Yards, bring together Lindsay’s highly attuned skill set for dealing with complex landscapes over structure.

Lindsay grew up in North Carolina and the landscapes there continue to inspire her: coastal state parks, the NCMA sculpture park, longleaf pines, the music. The outdoors inspire her daily and seasonally; gardening is a favorite hobby. She is quite a talented grower and gardener, frequently sharing seasonal arrangements that highlight her gardens’ offerings. She also loves hiking and biking with her family on the weekends. Her recent travels include wonderfully inspiring Maine, Barbados, and Poland.

Please join us in a warm congratulations for Lindsay. Thank you for all of your continued contributions to the firm and profession!