Maja Park

Ground Reconsidered worked with AIMCO, the project’s owner, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation (PP&R) to design the newest park positioned along Philadelphia’s iconic Benjamin Franklin Parkway between 22nd and 24th Streets. The project grew out of PP&R’s study, More Park Less Way, which recommended improvements, programming and maintenance for parcels along the Parkway. The design team collaborated with the Association for Public Art to site and install Gerhard Marcks’ sculpture Maja, for which the park is named.

The design includes new walkways that connect the site to the Parkway and beyond; site furnishings, planting, and a plaza. Design recommendations include reconfigured parking and bump-outs for traffic calming and redirected pedestrian crossings. A small plaza near 22nd Street features a trellis to accommodate informal gatherings, seasonal vendors, small-scale performances and seating. The large west lawn area was designed for passive and active activities, and special events. The memorial grove of trees on the site’s far west side will be preserved and the lawn will be replaced by meadow.

  • AIMCO, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2013-2021