East Poplar Playground

Beginning in 2017, Ground Reconsidered worked with the Philadelphia Department of Public Property, Rebuild, community leaders and the surrounding East Poplar neighborhood to develop the design for this playground. The design was informed by ideas and input generated through community workshop sessions. Ground Reconsidered also conducted a career day where children were taught about the profession of Landscape Architecture. It was during this career day session that the idea for a tall structure, where girls could sit and braid hair, evolved. The result is the 5-12 structure that sits on the site today. In addition to new play equipment, the plan features vibrant safety surfaces, a seasonal spray ground, improved lighting and walkways.

The East Poplar Playground now provides the neighborhood with a center for recreation, after school programs, and community events.

  • Philadelphia Department of Public Property / ReBuild
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 2017-2022